Team Management

The City Administrator’s Office coordinates the City’s Team Training and TEAMWORK O’FALLON initiative throughout the organization. TEAMWORK O’FALLON is the process of involving groups of employees to solve organizational problems by consensus. Teams are formed when a problem is identified that can be addressed by employees from various departments. These groups make recommendations to the City Administrator that will make City services more effective and efficient.

Team Training consists of three day-long sessions that occur approximately 2-3 weeks apart. Employees learn team building skills such as consensus, active listening, and facilitation. Team Training graduates may serve on one team, and all that is required to join a team is to show up at the first meeting.

Teams generally consist of 8-12 members. Teams are leaderless in that there are no ranks or hierarchy. Each team member has an equal role in the functioning of a team. Department Heads and line workers have the same authority in the team. Similarly, each member has an equal responsibility to do his or her share to address the issues of the team.