Committees & Citizen Commissions

The Community Development Department provides administrative support for the Community Development Committee (an aldermanic committee) and several citizens volunteer commissions. For more information on these volunteer commissions, with links to their respective meeting agendas, minutes, and packets, please click on one of the titles below.

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Community Development Committee
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The Community Development Committee is made up of aldermen.
The Planning Commission is designed to be the first step in the review of development and zoning proposals brought before the City. This up to eleven member advisory board of volunteer O'Fallon residents provides recommendations on all proposed developments, annexations, zoning changes, special uses and variances to the Zoning Hearing Officer and the City Council. The Commission makes its recommendations based on information gathered through staff analysis, on-site reviews, public hearings and local ordinances. The evaluations are based on the criteria established in both the Subdivision and Development Control Ordinance and the Zoning Ordinance. Citizens may attend the meeting held the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall (as needed).
After reviewing the recommendations provided by the Planning Commission or information gathered from the public hearings, the Zoning Hearing Officer (ZHO) decides issues such as variances and special permits. In addition, the Zoning Hearing Officer is responsible for interpreting any provision or term of the Zoning Ordinance and making any determination of the exact location of any district boundary if there is uncertainty. The ZHO meets as needed on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall (as needed).
Schedule of Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Officer Meetings for Calendar Year with Filing Deadlines
The Historic Preservation Commission’s goal is to protect, preserve, enhance, and recognize as true assets O'Fallon's historic, cultural, architectural, and archeological resources. Our purpose is to foster civic pride, promote tourism, stabilize and improve property values in historic areas, and support business districts. We will strive to enhance a sense of place, respect and strengthen O'Fallon's connection to the past, and preserve our small town identity for future generations in addition to promoting the general welfare of the community. Finally, our vision is of a historic preservation effort that fosters community pride by preserving and celebrating O'Fallon's uniqueness. This commission meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month (no meeting in July).
The Building Inspection Division is responsible administering the Building Code Review Board. This committee is appointed by the City Council and meets on an as needed basis. The Board hears appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the Code Official relative to the application and interpretation of the Building Codes adopted by the City.  This board meets on the 2nd Tuesday in March and September (as needed).