I. Rules Concerning Lots and Lot Owners

1. No lot shall be used for any other purpose than as a place of burial for human remains.  The grade of all lots shall be determined by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

2. Heirs or assigns of lot owners must prove their rights to the satisfaction of the City Clerk before their orders for interments will be accepted.  Lot owners may dispose of their lots by will, subject to the rules of the Cemetery; otherwise ownership and the right to give orders for burial shall follow according to the laws of the descent of the State of Illinois.

3. All monuments or headstones are subject to the approval of the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department whose duty it shall be to see that all foundations are made substantial and according to the Rules and Regulations already existing and such as may be adopted from time to time for the management of the cemetery.

4. No markers or monuments shall be placed in the cemetery except in accordance with the Rules and Regulations with respect thereto as shown on the plat of the cemetery on file with the Clerk’s office.

5. Wooden or iron fences, copings, posts connected with bars, hedges, hanging baskets, and shepherd hooks are prohibited.  Due to grounds maintenance, only flower vases may be inserted into the ground.

6. Lot owners shall not have the right to plant trees, shrubs, flowers or plants on their lots.

7. If any structure or any inscription be placed in or upon any lot which shall be determined by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department to be not in accordance with the cemetery regulations and to be offensive, improper or injurious to the surrounding lots or ground, the said Department shall have the right and duty to enter upon such lot and remove or cause the removal of the said offensive or improper objects.  The Director of the Parks and Recreation Department also reserves the right to remove anything offensive from graves and lots.

8. Picking flowers and cutting sods is strictly prohibited.  Owners may decorate their graves observing the Rules and Regulations of the cemetery and shall remove all rubbish to the place designated for the purpose.  Flowers must be removed by March 1st.  Flowers remaining after this date will be discarded.

9. No interments shall be made, nor shall any work be done on any lot on which unpaid charges are due for work done upon it.

10.Orders for disinterment or removals will be taken by the Cemetery Contact in the City Clerk’s office.

11.Do not place unsightly objects made of wood, wire, tin, glass, etc. on your grave.  These objects become defaced or unsightly and will be removed according to the rules.