III. Rules and Regulations Concerning the Purchase and Transfer of Lots

1. Persons desiring to purchase lots should call the office of the City Clerk at City Hall where information about lots and prices may be obtained.  The Cemetery Contact will upon receipt of the price of the lot in full, issue the deed signed by the Mayor and enter the same on the records, after which an order for interment may be at any time procured.  No lot shall be considered as sold nor shall any interment be made thereon until the price of the lot has been paid.

2. Lots may be sold to husband and wife, but otherwise no single lot will be sold or deeded to more than one person.

3. Owners can transfer their lots only by applying to the Clerk’s Office at the City Hall.  A charge will be assessed for all transfers.  In case of the death of a lot owner, the heir should call the Clerk’s office at City Hall and have the proper entries made on the records.  The same should be done if lot owners change their name.