VI. Rules for Stone Men, Marble Cutters, etc.

All employees for stonework, erecting monuments, etc. are subject to the authority of the caretaker of the cemetery, who will ensure that such work is done according to the rules.  The caretaker will give specific specifications for foundations for monuments, headstones, blankets, mausoleums, etc.  The employees of the cemetery will build all foundations in early spring or late fall depending on weather conditions.  Contractors violating the rules or not paying their bills promptly for foundations will not be permitted to work in the cemetery.  All employees are prohibited from injuring any tree or shrub, or from scattering material over adjacent lots, or leaving the same on the grounds any longer than necessary.  They must confine themselves to the lot for which they are engaged and such additional limits as may be assigned.  They must remove all chips and rubbish to the place designated for that purpose.