Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest component of the O’Fallon, Illinois Police Department with thirty-three (33) full time police officers.  It includes the uniformed men and women assigned to patrol the City of O’Fallon, providing the first line of police services.  The Patrol Division is divided into four, 12-hour shifts.  Each shift is constructed of a Sergeant and seven police officers.  Two Patrol Lieutenants oversee two patrol shifts respectfully and the entire division is commanded by one Captain.

The City of O’Fallon is strategically divided into three zones, each patrolled by a specifically assigned uniformed police officer, as well as two officers assigned to “rove” positions.

The goal of the Patrol Division is to proactively solve problems and protect life and property through education, prevention and enforcement.


Patrol Supervisors

Lt. Robert Schmidtke 618-624-9576

Lt. Dave Matevey   618-624-9504