Ordinances, Codes and Regulations

City Codes, Plans, and Ordinances

The City’s Zoning Ordinance provides rules and regulations on development within the City. The Zoning Ordinance includes parking, landscaping, zone district, signs and other regulations for development.
The Comprehensive Plan is a tool used to guide growth and development within the City.
Subdivision and Development Control Ordinance
The Commercial Design Handbook is a technical manual created to articulate the community expectations and standards established by the O’Fallon City Council.  The Handbook was created by collaboration of architects, engineers, developers, and the City Council.  Some of the architectural features addressed by the Commercial Design Handbook are building materials, cornices, parapets, windows, building proportion, and awnings. By consulting the Handbook prior to submitting plans for development approval, the Developer will enable staff to inform the City Council that the project as proposed meets the guidelines and may be approved by City Council more quickly. (This file is and 4.9M and may take a while to open.)
Addresses development concerns in floodplain areas.
O'Fallon's existing biking/walking trails are very popular. The Illini Bike Trail is heavily used and we recently received a federal grant to provide a link from East Madison to the Illini Trail. The trail and dog park at Rock Springs Park also are popular.
Map that accompanies the 2005 Bicycle Facilities Plan
Bicycle & Pedestrian Commuter Plan (2013) The objective of this plan was to identify the most desirable routes for walking and biking to Scott Air Force Base from surrounding communities. This was a joint effort between SAFB, O'Fallon, Shiloh, and Mascoutah.