Senior Citizen's Police Academy

Once again the O’Fallon Police Department took the Citizen Academy on the road.  This year we visited the Cambridge House.  23 residents graduated from the 6 week Senior Citizen Academy on Friday April 22, 2016.  During the last 6 weeks, Public Safety personnel trained our graduates on a variety of topics; including Patrol Operations, 911 communications, Medical information, Fire Safety, Investigations and Fraud.  All of the graduates were presented with certificates, official police patch and challenge coin.  They were also treated with cake, punch and a Public Safety Vehicle display.  

The Senior Academy – Session #3 (not in order).  Graduate names are:  John Bagnarelli, Mary Bagnarelli, Mary Ellen Battoe, Sandy Cedarleaf, John Chapas, Lois Corbit, Larry Dedmon, Barb Emanuelson, Phill Goscinski, Edith Hock, Linda Huwer, Ruth Kraft, Alan Neely, Richard Perry, Nina Pfeifer, Curtis Pool, Jackie Skinner, Leona Srnka, Louisa Wagner, Marie Wagoner, Mary Wiegel, Millie Wilson, and Lorraine Wright.