Infrastructure Funding

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This paper uses “rules of thumb” to determine funding requirements for various classes of public infrastructure the City of O’Fallon’s Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining. The rules of thumb are not absolute and are used as a starting point to quantify the funding needed.
This spreadsheet shows the current sources of funding for the classes of infrastructure listed. Under the column titled “Source”, General Fund revenues are delivered from property taxes, income taxes, and various other taxes which are collected by the State of Illinois or St. Clair County and are distributed by the City of O’Fallon to the Department of Public Works. Prop S revenues come from a ½% tax on general merchandise sold in the City of O’Fallon which is used by Public Works. MFT (Motor Fuel Tax) comes to the City from the State of Illinois and is based on the most current Census. Water and Sewer are from the “enterprise” funds associated with those utilities furnished by the City of O’Fallon.
“In 1990, Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) placed on gasoline purchases by the consumer were to be the main source of funding for the repair and maintenance of Illinois roadways.  The graph shows that while the MFT rate is unchanged since 1990 the cost of roadway repair and maintenance (an Illinois-based Municipal Price Index (MPI) for Streets) has increased at a much greater rate than gasoline usage which generates MFT funding and the general Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Thus, a shortfall of funding for roadway maintenance, especially considering the miles of roadway a municipality like O’Fallon must maintain.”
This spreadsheet shows the distribution of property tax collected in 2013 to various governmental units.
A household in O'Fallon contributes about $0.55 to $0.90 dependent upon property and income taxes paid plus sales tax contributions per day for road maintenance, street lights, snow removal, and sidewalk maintenance. Cable TV and internet service costs $4.00+ per day.
2008 St. Clair County Property Tax Rates
Proposition S Information Sheet.