Neighborhood Watch Program

O’Fallon Police Department

Neighborhood Watch

“See Something, Say Something”

Our Mission:

The O’Fallon Police Department’s purpose for the Neighborhood Watch is to establish and maintain a partnership with residents in each neighborhood throughout the community.

To be successful, this partnership will be rooted in two-way communication, periodic meetings, and information sharing. The prevention of crime and furthering of community policing strategies are the ultimate goals of the program.

What is a Neighborhood Watch?

It is a community of citizens living in close proximity organized with the common goal of taking an active role in making their community healthier and crime free through cooperation with the police and other city resources.

If anyone is interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch Group with the O’Fallon Police Department, please contact Detective Nicholas Schmidt at 618 624-9542 or email [email protected]

What a neighborhood can expect once a group is established:

  • Signage in your neighborhood that a group exists
  • Annual meetings
  • Email distribution list for crime alerts and quarterly newsletters
  • Crime prevention and public safety presentations at each meeting

Each neighborhood has patrol officers that are assigned as liaisons to the Neighborhood Watch Program. Our current watch groups and Officer contacts for those neighborhoods are below. If you live in one of the following neighborhoods and are not part of the neighborhood watch group, please contact Det William Barlock to be added to the email distribution list.

Ofc Mike Mojzis [email protected] Voicemail: (618) 624-9557
Ofc Ben Sosa [email protected] Voicemail: (618) 624-9541
  • Windsor Creek
  • Bluffs at Ogles Creek
  • Parkway Lakeside
Ofc John Kostainschek [email protected] Voicemail (618) 624-9571
Ofc Michael Hurt [email protected] voicemail (618) 624-9593
  • Oak and Madison
  • Manors at Thornbury Hill
  • Thornbury Hill
  • Witte Farms
Ofc Eric Buck [email protected] Voicemail: (618) 624-9568
Ofc Nick Stewart [email protected] Voicemail: (618) 624-9572
  • Edna and Third St
  • Southview Gardens North
  • Southview Gardens South