OTHS Receives Grant from Community’s Recyclebank Points – Needs Your Help


O’Fallon, Illinois The Athletic Leadership Council and Student Council from O’Fallon Township High School (OTHS) have been approved for a grant through Recyclebank's “Green Schools Program.” Now, these OTHS students are asking for the community’s support by donating your Recyclebank points and spreading the word about the Green Schools Program. You can donate your points to OTHS at www.recyclebank.com/about-us/green-schools/.

For every 250 Recyclebank points donated to OTHS between January 8, 2018 and March 16, 2018, Recyclebank will award one dollar to OTHS. OTHS will use the grant money to install permanent trash and recycling receptacles around their outdoor areas.

“The OTHS Athletic Leadership Council and Student Council are working together to clean up their campus and the City. It’s really great that they applied and won this grant from Recyclebank,” said Mayor Herb Roach. “Now, it is our job as residents to help them out. Please go to Recyclebank.com and donate your points to them!”

The Recyclebank Green Schools Program encourages students to make a difference in their communities by promoting environmental education, innovation, and creative solutions to put ideas into action.

Schools located in Recyclebank home recycling communities are eligible to submit an application that creates, continues, or expands sustainable practices. O’Fallon is a Recyclebank home recycling community.

Recyclebank selects the top 50 proposals from across the United States and places them on the Recyclebank’ s website, where members can donate their Recyclebank points, online.

Donated Recyclebank points can come from anywhere, so schools can reach out to members outside of their communities for help making their goals a reality.

For more information about the Recyclebank Green Schools Program, or to learn how to apply for the program, please go to https://www.recyclebank.com/about-us/green-schools/.

Recyclebank is a rewards program where O’Fallon residents can sign-up online and receive rewards based on how many items their Waste Management route recycles each week.

Signing up for Recyclebank is quick and easy. To sign up or for more information about the Recyclebank Program, visit www.Recyclebank.com/recycle.


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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Pamala Funk at 618-624-4500 x8731 or email at pfunk@ofallon.org.