Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program

Alert Regarding Your Electric Bill!!!

Please read immediately!!!


In order to continue to receive the benefits of the Metro East electricity municipal aggregation program, the best option is to do nothing.


Many residents in the Metro East (see list below) electricity service area have received confusing communications suggesting that they must soon make a choice to change their supplier.

This is not accurate.

To be clear: Your community has already selected a competitive supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, to recommence the electricity aggregation program starting in February 2023. Constellation NewEnergy’s rate will be a 22 month term at $ 0.1220 compared to Ameren’s Basic Service Rate of $0.12236 An Opt-out letter for the new program will be sent out in the next few weeks.

Metro East customers participate in a municipal aggregation program that combines the purchasing power of 28 communities to secure reliable, cost-effective power for approximately 130,000 homes.

At a time of rising costs and turmoil in the energy markets, municipal aggregation offers customers reliable power at a stable cost. Since May, Metro East customers have saved about $60 per month.

As customers receive letters and notices over the next few months, the best option is to do nothing and continue to receive the benefits of municipal aggregation.

The list of communities in the Metro East Buying Group are outlined here/below.

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City of Edwardsville

City of Alton

City of Jerseyville

City of Madison

City of Pittsfield

Village of East Alton

Village of Godfrey

Village of Hartford

Village of Pontoon Beach

Village of Roxana

Village of South Roxana

City of Granite City

City of Jacksonville

City of Troy

City of Venice

City of Wood River

Village of Bethalto

City of O’Fallon

City of Belleville

City of Columbia

Town of Trenton

Village of Albers

Village of Glen Carbon

Village of Hamel

Village of Maryville

Village of New Baden

Village of Shiloh

City of Centralia




The City has chosen Constellation NewEnergy as our Municipal Aggregation supplier effective Feb. 2023 at a rate of 12.20 cents per kWh compared to the current Ameren rate of 12.236 cents per kWh. If you are a currently with Homefield Energy, the contract ends with the Dec. meter reading. If you wish to be with the new supplier, as you receive notifications/letters in the mail, do NOTHING and you will be with new supplier in February.  Any questions, check news release at or contact Sandy Evans, 618-622-8723. 

Below are letters that residents should expect to receive in the coming months:


  • From Ameren - Drop Notice, expect this notice beginning as early as late-October stating the customer will be going back to the utility (Ameren) due to the aggregation expiring.


  • From Constellation NewEnergy  Opt – Out Letter, expect these notices in December, they are scheduled for December 19, 2022. This is the same type opt-out letter residents would have received from Homefield a few years ago.


  • From Ameren – Confirmation Letter, will be sent out by Ameren, approximately 15-20 days after the opt-out letter, stating the customer is switching from Ameren to the new City aggregation program with Constellation NewEnergy.


***Reminder, the customer should not respond to any of the notices if they wish to participate in the aggregation program.