O'Fallon On Demand Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I submit emergencies using O'Fallon On Demand? 
A. No. Although O'Fallon On Demand is a great tool for most requests, it isn't intended for reporting emergency issues that need to be addressed immediately. If the issue you are reporting is a public safety emergency, please call 911. If the issue you are reporting is a water or sewer emergency, please call 618-624-4545. 

Q. Can I create a new report using my tablet device, such as an iPad? 
A. Yes! However, many tablet devices don't have a true GPS and instead use Wi-Fi triangulation, which pulls location based on the number of mapped wi-Fi hotspots. This setup can result in less accurate location information in certain areas. Always before submitting a report. a user must confirm the location. During this step, the user can correct inaccurate location information captured by the device hardware. 

Q. Can I enter a service request / report without adding a media file, such as a photo, video or audio file? 
A. Yes. O'Fallon On Demand does not require that you add a media file in order to submit a request/report. But, it does help! 

Q. How is my contact information stored? 
A. The mobile app prompts a user to provide First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. A user only has to provide this information once and it is then stored within the app. Users may still submit reports anonymously by selecting this option in the Settings menu. Go to the 'More' Tab, select the 'Settings' menu, and check the box marked 'Report Anonymously'. Any information, such as personal information or location is only used for reporting purposes. CitySourced, the app that powers O'Fallon On Demand, states that they will never sell your information for commercial purposes.

Q. Can I enter a service request / report anonymously? 
A. Yes, however, providing contact information is encouraged to allow for quicker follow-up and resolution to the submitted issue. To report anonymously, in the mobile app go to the 'More' Tab and select the 'Settings' Option. In the 'Settings' window, make sure that the "Send Reports Anonymously" checkbox is checked. 

Q. What does 'mark as sensitive' mean?
A. There are some issues that are sensitive in nature or the requestor wishes that their submission remains private. By checking the 'mark as sensitive' box when submitting a request on the website version of O'Fallon On Demand, the item is submitted to the City of O'Fallon, but will not appear to the public. 

Q. Can the public see all service requests/reports?
A. No. In addition to requests marked sensitive, there are a number of request types that remain private, such as utility billing requests.

Q. Will other users be able to see my request and comments? Can other users comment on my requests?
A. If the service request is public, all users will be able to see the comments made by the person who submits the issue and the City's comments. Other users cannot comment on requests that they did not submit. 

Q. Does O'Fallon On Demand track my location? 
A. Whenever you open and interact with the O'Fallon On Demand app on your mobile device, the location information from your mobile device is used to tailor the experience to your current location. This information is NOT published or shared with others. The app saves that specific location information until the next time you do something in the app, at which time the old location information is deleted from your mobile device and replaced with your most recent location information. Your location data is only shared when you decide to proactively report an issue.

Q. Can I pay utility bills through the mobile app?
A. Yes, the mobile app will allow you to pay your utility bills from your mobile device. To pay your bill from the mobile device, click on the menu icon at the top left, and choose "Services" and then "Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill". You can also view your Utility Account from this same menu by clicking on "Utility Account Access". 

Q. Can I sign up for Parks and Recreation activities or rent a pavilion or facility through the mobile app?
A. Yes, the mobile app will allow you to sign up for a Parks & Recreation Activity or Rent a Pavilion or Facility from your mobile device by clicking on the menu icon at the top left, and choosing "Parks & Recreation" and then "Activity Signup" or "Facility Reservation". 

Q. How can I let others know about O'Fallon On Demand? 
A. Please help spread the word about the O'Fallon On Demand Service Request System. City staff are available to provide presentations to groups. For more information, contact Grant Litteken ([email protected]) or Chad Quinn ([email protected]) at 618-624-4500.