Engineering Group

Dan Bowman Engineering Manager 618-624-4500 ext.3
Adam Gerstner Project Engineer Fax: 618-624-4534
Jo Thieleman Engineering Administrative Assistant  
M.A. Huq Engineering Project Manager  
Jonathan Nolan Engineering Project Manager  
Dwayne Gross Engineering Technician  

Staff Functions:


  • Provide overall engineering oversight for operation and maintenance of public infrastructure (facilities, water distribution system, wastewater collection and treatment system, stormwater collection, and streets), and manage/execute capital improvement program.

Customer Service Requests:

  • Respond to initial request and meet with customer to assess the problem.
  • Determine corrective action and forward to Public Works Division Manager, or obtain contract services.
  • Follow up to assure corrective action is effective.

City Planning:

  • Assist City Planner in identifying needs and solutions to manage City growth.
  • Periodically update analyses for short-term and long-term situations.

Infrastructure Capital Improvements:

  • Develop 5-year Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for public infrastructure. Prioritize needs with available City funds. Update annually to account for changed conditions.
  • Implement the current year CIP. Include funds in the budget, design the project in-house or secure outside consultants for specialized work. Manage and coordinate all activities.
  • Secure public bids for the work and execute construction contracts, bonds and insurance. Monitor construction, resolve field problems, maintain public relations and customer inquiries, and provide construction testing contract administration.

City Budget:

  • Develop annual expenditure budgets for public infrastructure. This accounts for approximately 75% of the total annual City budget.
  • Project revenues for Motor Fuel Tax (MFT), water and sanitary sewer.
  • Account for daily operation and maintenance costs. Implement Public Works labor, equipment and materials needs.
  • Implement Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) per available funds.
  • Monitor budget monthly for actual revenue and expense. Make adjustments for unanticipated expenses and revenue shortfalls.

Annual MFT Maintenance Program:

  • Formulate annual program with input from Public Works Operations Manager.
  • Present program for City Council approval.
  • Complete all preliminary and final documentation prescribed by IDOT.


  • Coordinate with developers during concept stage; review final plans.
  • Monitor field construction, track developer guaranty and inspect work related to capital improvements that will become City responsibility for maintenance.

Commercial Building Projects:

  • Review site plans for compliance with City requirements and adherence to acknowledged standards of the industry.
  • Follow-up during construction as needed by Community Development.
  • Final-inspect construction to assure compliance with approved plans.

Coordination with State and Federal Agencies:

  • Prepare reports on water and sewer system as required by IEPA. Immediately report critical situations, and respond to IEPA inquiries.
  • Coordinate with IDOT on activities involving State highways in O’Fallon.
  • Coordinate with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on activities involving major streams in O’Fallon.
  • Coordinate with St. Clair County on activities involving County roads in O’Fallon.
  • Coordinate with other State and Federal agencies as needed.
  • Insure City compliance with its National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits governing discharges from sewage treatment plants, construction sites, and streets.


  • Prepare funding assistance requests for City infrastructure and services, including State and Federal grant and loan applications.
  • Assist in defending the City in litigation.
  • Resolve emergency situations with public infrastructure.
  • Interpret and enforce the City Ordinance.
  • Provide support for park, cemetery and building maintenance actions.
  • Maintain infrastructure records.