Operations Group

Frank ShewmakerOperations Manager618-624-4500 Ext.3
Gretchen StadtsOperations Administrative AssistantFax: 618-624-4534



Staff Functions:


  • Provide day to day management of the operations activities involving City infrastructure. Collect and disseminate information associated with daily operations.

Customer Service:

  • Answer phone calls for customer service.
  • Provide maintenance staff to attend to the requests in water, sewer and street divisions.
  • File and track work order requests.
  • Install citywide holiday decorations, flags and banners.
  • Locate underground water main lines and sewer main lines upon request to prevent system disruption when excavating activities occur.
  • Maintain records of service for future reference.

Water System:

  • Provide preventive maintenance for water system, including flushing fire hydrants and exercising valves.
  • Repair water system including meters, valves, fire hydrants, pump stations, storage tanks and broken water mains.
  • Install service taps and meters, read service meters, activate/deactivate service, and perform leak checks.
  • Read system-monitoring meters, extract samples and perform tests to assure water quality.
  • Provide data on system operating characteristics to aid in future planning.

Wastewater System:

  • Operate and maintain equipment at the Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), including pumps, motors, mechanical systems and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) computer system.
  • Maintain general WWTF site including mowing, cleaning aquatic plant harvesting, access roads and buildings.
  • Extract samples, perform tests and file reports to assure WWTF is operating properly and within permit requirements.
  • Inspect service tap connections to collection system.
  • Provide preventive maintenance for collection system including tree root removal, grease and debris cleaning, grease trap and oil separator monitoring, sewer line video inspection, and routine inspection of pump stations.
  • Repair collection system including sewer mains, manholes, and pump stations.
  • Provide emergency services beyond normal working hours to WWTF and collection system when power outages and other unexpected service interruptions occur.
  • Provide data on all system-operating characteristics to aid in future planning.

Street and Stormwater Systems:

  • Provide preventive maintenance including culvert and storm sewer cleaning, ditching, roadside grass maintenance, pavement seal coating and crack sealing and roadway sweeping.
  • Provide repair services for roadway components including culverts and storm sewer pipe, storm sewer inlets, curb replacement and pavement patching.
  • Provide additional services including tree removal from city owned right of way, storm damage debris cleanup from City streets, and snow and ice control services.
  • Install and maintain traffic signs, street signs and pavement markings.