Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Mine Map Information
Where can I find information on mine maps? This page provides links to the Illinis State Geological Survey.

Sewer FAQs
Click here for questions about O'Fallon's Sanitary Sewer System (cost of service, sewer lateral replacement)

Sidewalks FAQs
Questions regarding reporting needed sidewalk repairs and more are listed here.

Snow FAQs
Click here if you have questions about snow removal

Stormwater FAQs
Click here for questions about the stormwater program in O'Fallon (policy on maintenance, responsibilities)

Streets FAQs
This link discusses oil and chip streets versus asphalt resurfacing, Proposition S, roads within subdivisions, reporting needed repairs, grant funds used, miles of streets within the City and more.

Surveys FAQs
Click here for information about land surveys.

Taxes FAQs
This page discusses the property tax allocation to roads and Proposition S

Trash FAQs
Waste Management provides trash service to the City of O'Fallon. This link help you gather information on initiating/terminating trash service, disposing of large trash items, cost of service, yard waste collection, and trash collection days.

Water FAQs
The City provides Water to 16,000 water customers. This page describes where the water comes from, safety of the water supply, backflow devices, and cost of water services.