Current Stormwater System Maintenance Policy

The following summarizes the City's current policy on Stormwater System Maintenance.  Note: storm system facilities not dedicated to or accepted by the City will not be maintained by the City.  Call 624-4500, ext 3 to inquire.

City maintained storm drainage easements and/or the cleaning, construction, or repair by the City of storm water drainage facilities does not constitute a warranty against storm water hazards, including, but not limited to, flooding, erosion, or standing water.

A. Stormwater Sewers (Enclosed System)
The City will clean and maintain all public storm sewers (enclosed systems) including street and area inlets, pipes, and manholes that have been dedicated to or accepted by the City for operation and maintenance.  The City will not maintain private stormwater sewers.  In an emergency to protect the health safety, or welfare of the public or protect City facilities, the City may perform cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc. on private facilities.  Emergency activities performed by the City will not obligate the City to perform future work or accept the facility as a public sewer.

B. Improved Channels
The City will maintain improved channels that have been dedicated to or accepted by the City for operation and maintenance, remove debris, trees, brush, silt, and weeds that significantly obstruct the flow in the channel.  The structural integrity of the channel bottom and sides will be maintained.  Improved channels are those constructed of reinforced concrete, non-reinforced concrete, gabions, concrete mattresses, grouted rock blanket, rock blanket, or any other type of improvement installed by the City or installed by a developer, reviewed and approved by the City.

C. Unimproved Channels
In most cases maintaining unimproved channels is the responsibility of the homeowner.  At culverts/inlets, the City will remove debris, trees, brush, and weeds that significantly obstruct the flow in the channels on City property or cause flooding of City facilities.  The City may make improvements to unimproved channels to protect the health, safety or welfare of the public or protect City facilities.  The City does not maintain unimproved ditches on private property.

D. Road Culverts and Bridges
The City will only maintain road culverts which are an integral part of the City's street and road system.  A road culvert is an integral part of a stormwater system if there is an improved channel upstream or downstream of the road culvert (i.e. - where a pipe serves a ditch in the right-of-way).

E. Handrails
The City will maintain handrails along improved stormwater channels that were installed in the concrete sides of the channel or installed or accepted by the City as an integral part of an improvement.

F. Grass and Weeds
The City will not cut grass or weeds on easements or drainage right-of-ways.

G. Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), St. Clair County, O'Fallon and Caseyville Township
The City will not maintain or repair any stormwater sewers located on IDOT, County or Township right-of-way.

H. Driveway Culverts, Roadside Ditches, or Gutters
The City will replace driveway culverts that are deteriorated or not allowing for proper drainage.  If a resident would like their culvert replaced due to driveway maintenance or replacement, they shall incur the cost of the pipe and installation.

The City is not responsible for the general upkeep of any roadside ditches or gutters.  However, if a ditchline is not draining properly, the City will excavate the area to ensure proper drainage and flow.

I. Swales and Grading
Yard swales or grading will not be maintained, re-graded, or re-established by the City.

J. Bars Over Inlets
The City will not allow bars, grating, screens, or any other obstructions to stormwater runoff to be placed in front of inlets or pipe openings.

K. Trench Drains
The City will not maintain trench drains.

L. Detention and Retention Basins
The City will not clean or maintain retention or detention basins, overflow structures, nor the first reach of pipe upstream and downstream of the basin unless the City has specifically accepted such responsibility.