Think Green From Home Recycling Kits

Waste Management has launched a new program called Think Green From Home. The program provides you with a safe and convenient way to recycle CFL and fluorescent bulbs, batteries, electronics and computers, as well as bottles, cans and paper.

Simply click here to order the recycling kit of your choice.

The kit is conveniently delivered to your door. If you choose the CFL and fluorescent bulb kit, all you have to do is set up the box, line it with the Mercury VaporLok bag, fill it with bulbs, seal and ship to Waste Management using the pre-paid shipping label. The zipseal Mercury VaporLok bag reduces the risk of environmental contamination from lamps broken during storage and shipping.

The process is virtually the same if you choose any of the other three
kits. Kits vary in price. Please visit the web site for pricing and more detailed information about the program.