Katy Cavins Community Center

Katy Cavins Community Center

308 E Fifth Street, O’Fallon, IL 62269

Rental Information

Assembly Hall



 Hourly Rental  $50.00**            1/2 Day Rental  $200.00       

 Full Day Rental  $400.00***

Non– Resident

Hourly Rental  $65.00**           1/2 Day Rental  $300.00   

Full Day Rental  $600.00 ***

**Special Request only.           ***Required for Saturday Rentals


Clean Up/Damage Deposit $250.00

(Refundable upon inspection and Key return, no later than Tuesday  if  weekend rental)

Meeting Room /Kitchen


 Hourly Rental  $15.00*         1/2 Day Rental  $80.00*      

Full Day Rental  $150.00*

Non– Resident   

Hourly Rental  $25.00*               1/2 Day Rental  $150.00*     

Full Day Rental  $250.00*

*Weekdays & Evenings Only

Take Down and Clean up Fee:  

10 Tables/80 Chairs                 $ 25.00

11-20 Tables/160 Chairs          $ 75.00

21-30 Tables/240 Chairs          $100.00

Up & Down

10 Tables/80 Chairs                 $ 50.00

11-20 Tables/160 Chairs          $150.00

21-30 Tables/240 Chairs          $200.00

$1.00 (per additional table)    $.10  (per additional Chair)

(Round Table Measurement 60”)


If serving Alcohol: Proof of DRAM Shop Insurance Required with City listed as Co-insured/additionally insured. Policy must be for $1 Million. If Selling Alcohol: Contact City Clerk 624-4500 x8715

All events are to be concluded and clean up competed by closing time (Renters must clear the facility one hour prior to contract end time).   Set Up and Clean Up must be done only during the time the facility has been reserved.

Early set up or late clean up will not be permitted without additional rental fees.

Set up and clean up - All set up and clean up is to be done by groups using the facility.  Clean up equipment will be made available in the janitorial room next to restroom.  Failure to properly clean the building will result in forfeiture of rental deposit and denial of future reservations.  All trash is to be bagged, tied, and removed from the building and placed in receptacles located in the parking lot.


The City of O’Fallon Parks & Recreation Department will not be liable for any claims for injury to damages resulting from or arising out of the Facilities premises and the permit holder agrees to indemnify the City of O’Fallon Parks & Recreation           Department and hold it harmless against any and all such Claims, damages, losses, or expenses.

General Conditions-

A)  All Park & Recreation facilities are smoke free.

B)  No equipment installation or building modifications are to be made unless approved in advance by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

C)  Decorations used in the building are to be as fireproof as possible. Decorations to be attached to the building are to be     approved by the building supervisor. Decorations are to be removed by the end of the event.

D)  The facility is not equipped for cooking; but, prepared food may be brought into the building for serving, provided all food and catering equipment is removed at the end of the event/activity.

E)   Activities/events are to be carried on inside the building only and are not to expand to adjoining parking areas in a manner as to disturb neighbors.

F)   No candles or other inflammable materials shall be used, except for food warming equipment brought by caterers.

     This includes centerpieces.

G)  The set up of chairs and tables is the responsibility of the group utilizing the facilities. The group is also responsible for the return of the tables and chairs to their original storage locations in good order.

H)  All activities/ events shall be properly controlled and supervised whenever persons participating in the activity are less than 18 years of age.  Teen parties need to be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director.  If approved a minimum of

       1 adult  representative per 10 youth must be present (the hiring of a building attendant will be determined by the Parks Staff.

       In the event of the Police being called for a disturbance inside or outside of the facility O’Fallon Parks and Recreation will hold all or partial amount of the security deposit.  Teen parties will be vetted by invitation only, which needs to be vetted by the Parks staff.      

I) It is agreed that the person and /or organization making the reservation will be held responsible for ensuring the facilities       rules and regulations are complied with.

J) O’Fallon Parks and recreation do not recommend bringing valuables to the facilities,  any valuables that are brought into the facilities are done so at the renters own risk .  O’Fallon Parks and Recreation will not be responsible for any valuables lost or stolen.