Wastewater Division


The City has over 100 miles of sewer lines, but since they are underground and out of sight, few know of the efforts of the Division.  The Sewer Division, within the Operations Group, is not only tasked with keeping those lines flowing freely, but also with keeping the 14 lift stations operational which are part of the sanitary system.  With the majority of the sanitary and storm system being 40+ years old and subject to undesirable invasion by roots and material, this is a big job for a crew of 5.

The Division has continually strives to improve their ability to respond to problems.  A monitoring system alerts crew members of lift station malfunctions, and allows some corrections via computer.  Cleanout and inspection equipment allow for proactive maintenance.


"Don't know where it is" . . .  That is the standard response to the question about the location of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).  Well, the O'Fallon plant is east of the City, about 1/2 mile north of Highway 50 on Reider Road.  A crew of three dedicated individuals operate the plant without fanfare and complaints about odor.  The plant serves approximately 1/2 of the residents of Shiloh and 3/4 of the residents of O'Fallon.  The Caseyville Township plant serves the remainder of O'Fallon residents.  The O'Fallon plant operates on nearly a $3 million a year budget, and meets all current environmental requirements.  It treats an average of 4 million gallons of water per day.