Public Works Department

Public Works, the people that the 911
operator calls in an emergency.

"We are often first to arrive, last to leave"




Jeff Taylor - Director of Public Works (City Engineer)

Heide Bell - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Public Works

It is the mission of the O’Fallon Public Works Department to achieve the highest possible quality of life for our residents and customers through effective planning, management, operation and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure serving O’Fallon, Fairview Heights and Shiloh by all available means.
Overall operation, maintenance and capital improvement program for the public infrastructure, consisting of water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection system, sanitary sewage treatment plant, stormwater collection system, streets and City facilities as well as storage, manipulation and dissemination of all information related to infrastructure for the Department, City management and public consumption.

The Operations and Engineering Groups comprise the Department of Public Works.


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