Tap Fees

 To purchase a water tap, please complete the Water Meter Sizing Computation Sheet, then use the attached pages therein from the Illinois Plumbing Code to determine the size of meter you need.

Single Family Residential and Commercial Water Tap Fees

3/4 inch tap$2,750
1 inch tap$3,000
1 1/2 inch tap$4,500
2 inch tap$5,000
3 inch tap$5,000
4 inch tap$8,500
6 inch tap$13,000
Greater than 6 inch tapTo be determined by the City Engineer
Fire Sprinkler tap (all sizes)$5,000

For taps in the Fairview Heights service area, additional information will be needed a copy of the Building Permit issued by Fairview Heights

Mutiple Dwelling Unit Water Tap Fees
Please call Public Works at 624-4500, ext. 3 to inquire about the tap prices for mutiple dwelling unit developments as well as motels and hotels.