Building & Inspections Division

The Building & Inspections Division ensures compliance with all applicable codes adopted by the City of O'Fallon, such as Building, Zoning, Property Maintenance, etc.  This is a necessary and important function that protects the health, life, safety, and welfare of the City's residents and visitors.  These services help maintain the quality and sustainability of the built environment.  This is accomplished through permitting, reviews, and inspections on new and existing structures and systems.  The Building & Inspection Division is responsible for enforcement and administration of the following:

Residential Building Permits & Forms
Commercial Building Permits & Forms


Occupancy Permit / Property Maintenance ProgramInspection process is required for change of ownership or occupancy of existing residential or commercial properties.
We provide administrative support for the "Crime-Free Rental Housing Program" including processing applications, renewals, and inspections.
Enforcement of City's Property Maintenance Codes (nuisances such as tall grass, derelict vehicles on private property, unkempt properties, etc...)
Addresses development concerns in floodpain areas and provides support for floodplain issues.

The means by which the Building & Inspections Division enforces these functions are by implementation of the following Codes:

If you have a question that you would like referred to a building inspector, you may call our office at (618)624-4500 Ext 4 or may make contact with an inspector through the online "Ask an Inspector" option.

The Building & Inspection Division also serves as the staff support to the Building Code Review Board.  An appeal may be made on a Building Code Officials' decision by appearing before the Building Code Review Board. More information regarding this Board, along with the appeal process, may be accessed here.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Justin Randall Community Development Assistant Director
Chad Truran Building Official
Jerry McNulty Commercial Building Inspector
Bill Theismann Residential Building Inspector
Rockie Green Code Enforcement Officer
Mark Hellmuth Code Enforcement Officer
Grant Hayhurst Code Enforcement Officer
Eric Andrew Code Enforcement Officer
Jessica Short Community Development Coordinator
Gabriela Ahle Administrative Assistant
Jane Strohl Administrative Assistant
Vicki Evans Administrative Assistant

Board Members

Michelle Braddock (1-25)