Planning Commission

The Planning Commission was established to prepare and recommend to the City Council a comprehensive plan for the present and future development or redevelopment of the city. Such plans shall be advisory and created to provide for the health, safety, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the city, and will establish reasonable requirements governing the location, width, course, and surfacing of public streets and highways, alleys, ways for public service facilities, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lights, parks, playgrounds, school grounds, size of lots to be used for residential purposes, storm water drainage, water supply and distribution, sanitary sewers, and sewage collection and treatment. The Planning Commission will also designate land suitable for annexation, and recommend to the City Council, from time to time, changes in the comprehensive plan.  The Planning Commission shall consist of 11 members, all residents of the city and appointed by the Mayor on the basis of their particular fitness for their duty on this Planning Commission, subject to the approval of the City Council.

Planning Commission Agendas (2017-Present): 

Board Members

Name Title
Larry Sewell (03-20-23) Ward 4 Chairman
Ray Rohr (03-20-23) Ward 5 Vice-Chairman
Al Keeler (03-20-23) Ward 7 Secretary
Debbie Arell-Martinez (03-20-23) Ward 7
Joe Rogers (03-20-21) Ward 5
Patricia Cavins (03-20-21) Ward 7
Bob Dunn (06-03-22) Ward 7
Ryan Russell Kemper December 16, 2019 - December 16, 2021 ) Ward 7
Bob Kueker (06-03-22) Ward 2
Randy Ellis (06-03-22) Ward 4
Casey Scharven(06-03-22) Ward 6
Justin Randall - Staff Contact,Community Development Assistant Dir