Water Division

 The Water Division of the Public Works Operations Group provides preventive maintenance for the water system (including flushing the fire hydrants and exercising valves); takes care of repairs to the water system (including meters, valves, fire hydrants, pump stations, storage tanks, and broken water mains); installs service taps and meters, activates and deactivates service, and performs leak checks; maintains system-monitoring devices and extracts samples and performs tests to assure water quality.

In order to reduce costs the division uses AMR which stands for Automatic Meter Reading. Water meters are located in the ground at each property and have an ERT (Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter) on top of the meter lid that facilitates radio reading. Please be careful around the water meter when mowing or doing other lawn maintenance to avoid damaging the equipment. Damaged water meter components are expensive to replace and can result in costly charges to the customer. If you have any questions, please call 624-4500, extension 3.

O'Fallon purchases water from Illinois-American Water Company's plant in East St. Louis.  The Division brings water to to 16,000+ water customers in both O'Fallon and Fairview Heights through City pipelines; click here to see the current residential and commercial water tap rates.  There are three 1/2 million gallon, elevated storage tanks - at St. Clair Mall, near O'Fallon YMCA, and near Moye Elementary School in O'Fallon.  There are two 1 million gallon, elevated storage tanks - across form Fulton Junior High School on Kyle in O'Fallon and near the O'Fallon Township High School Milburn Campus on Pausch Road.  Additionally, there are two ground storage tanks capable of holding another 1 1/2 million gallons at the O'Fallon Public Works Compound.  The City has two booster pump stations.  One is located in the French Village area of Fairview Heights.  The other is at the O'Fallon Public Works Compound.