About Us!

The Garden Club is a group of O'Fallon community members who love to have conversations about gardening.

Whether it is improving food security by growing our own, educating others about permaculture, helping pollinators by beautifying the area, or creating gardening opportunities for our residents.  The Garden Club is committed to improving quality of life through gardening!

It's in our roots!

Dig in and make a difference with us!


  • To encourage an interest in gardening and related activities.
  • To support civic programs and improve the quality of life within the Community through community based service projects.
  • To encourage the sharing of experiences, knowledge and the love of gardening.
  • To encourage a healthy lifestyle and the enjoyment of outdoor activities.


To beautify, conserve, and preserve O'Fallon's public spaces and educate our community on the the importance of those values.


Membership in the Garden Club shall be open to anyone with an interest in gardening and who wishes to share their experiences with others.  Members will be encouraged to participate in club activities and contribute to public garden spaces as chosen by the club.

Members will be expected to attend at least 6 meetings per year and attend at least one outside activity per year.

Cost is $20 per person or $30 per family

Contact Membership for more information.


Meetings will be held monthly, preferably at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.  Locations, date & time of the meeting may differ, depending on the scheduled activity for that meeting and if approved by the club at least one month prior to that meeting. Check out our programs page for the latest or LIKE US on facebook.

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