Citizens Police Academy

September 06, 2016 - October 25, 2016

The O’Fallon Police Department will be hosting its 4th annual Citizen Police Academy. The program will be taught by members of the O’Fallon Public Safety Department and guest speakers from other agencies.  This academy is open to O'Fallon citizens or persons working in the City of O’Fallon There will be a tax deductible $25 course fee to the participants; which will be donated to “The BACKSTOPPERS, Inc.”.  The Academy is designed to give participants a realistic view of the day to day operations of public safety work by providing instruction, practicals and education on numerous topics.


The Academy will be open to the first 20 qualified applicants, who are 21 years of age or older.  


Participants will be introduced to a variety of topics and hands-on training to include:

  • Agency History and Structure
  • Police Operations
  • Patrol Tactics
  • Traffic Stops/DUI
  • Current Drug Trends
  • General Investigations
  • Firearm Training
  • Response to Resistance
  • CPR and AED Training
  • Fire Safety/ Demos
  • Major Case Squad
  • 911 Communications
  • 8 Hour Ride-A-Long with an Officer


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