Board of Police and Fire Commission

The Board of Fire & Police Commissioners was established to make rules for the appointment, promotion, and removal of all full-time police and fire officers on the basis of merit alone, with the exception of the Police Chief and Fire Chief. The Board shall investigate all charges of improper conduct, hold hearings on the same, and act in accordance with their findings and rules. On May 1, the Board submits to the Council an annual report of its activities, and of the rules in force. In this report, the Board may make suggestions which the board believes would result in greater efficiency in the Fire and Police Departments.


Staff Contacts

Calvin Brown (06-17-22)

Board Members

Name Title
Russell Thoman (09-17-21) Chairman
Edward Martinez (3/03/24
Scott Battoe (11-04-22)
Calvin Brown (06-17-22)
Susan Holden