Elected Officials

Dear Residents and Visitors of O'Fallon:

On behalf of the City of O’Fallon, I want to welcome you to our fine city. Whether you come from a large city or a small community, you will find that O’Fallon offers a small, close-knit community atmosphere with many big city benefits.

O’Fallon is presently experiencing significant growth. As you drive around the city, you will notice evolving commercial and residential development. We are pleased that O’Fallon is continuing to grow and develop as a modern community, while retaining its historical heritage. Our heritage has always been the foundation for growth and development.

O’Fallon offers much to its citizens and visitors. We have beautiful parks to enjoy with your family and recreational activities are offered year round. A diverse religious community and an ever-expanding economy make O’Fallon the premier community in the Metro-East. I hope that you will join us for various community celebrations held throughout the year. Sporting activities, concerts, and special events are frequent occurrences. Citizen involvement is strong in O’Fallon and we encourage you to become involved!

Our city's government is here to serve. The Mayor is elected at large (city-wide) for a four-year term while the 14 City Council Members are elected from wards for staggered four-year terms.

We value your suggestions and comments. If you have questions or concerns regarding services provided by the City, please feel free to contact us by phone or online form. You may reach City Hall at 618-624-4500, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Herb Roach

O'Fallon's Elected Officials

Herb Roach Mayor 255 S. Lincoln Ave
Jerry Mouser City Clerk 255 S. Lincoln Ave
David Hursey Treasurer 255 S. Lincoln Ave

City Council

Ross Rosenberg, Ward 1 Alderman 321-591-3363
Richie Meile, Ward 1 Alderman 624-6086
Robert Kueker, Ward 2 Alderman 632-8386
Jerry Albrecht, Ward 2 Alderman 632-7172
Kevin Hagarty, Ward 3 Alderman 920-1513
Matthew Gilreath, Ward 3 Alderman 541-1878
Matthew Smallheer, Ward 4 Alderman 616-3144
Mark Morton, Ward 4 Alderman 632-7503
Courtney Marsh, Ward 5 Alderman 401-9765
Andrew Lopinot, Ward 5 Alderman 623-9095
Ned Drolet, Ward 6 Alderman 632-3580
Ray Holden, Ward 6 Alderman 628-0762
David Cozad, Ward 7 Alderman 632-6150
Dan Witt, Ward 7 Alderman 972-8561




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